Good evening!

Oh how I miss writing for leisure! Recreational reading and writing are on my Things-I’m-doing-after-the-Bar list. Want to know some other things on that list?

–Go to lunch.

–Have wine without calculating what time I have to start studying in the morning.

–Binge-watch Project Runway.

–Travel to see every child I have – Colorado (x2), Oregon, Nevada.

–Spend a few days with my piggies in the sand and my face in the sun.

–Get to know my honey all over again.

So this will be a short, boring update. I’m about 6 weeks in to a 16-week Bar prep program. I finished classes for law school in September, so the JD is done. (Woot.) The Bar Exam is a 3-day behemoth in California on the 24, 25, and 26 of February. Simple really: 6 essays, 2 Performance Tests, and 200 Multiple Choice questions. Easy Peasy. There are 8 subjects from which the multiple choice come, and 14 subjects from which the essays come. The Performance Test is a closed universe that’s a special level of mental gymnastics unto itself.

See? Boring. What’s not boring is how wonderful and fabulous my precious posse has been. Whether friends or family, I have felt more love and support and love than anyone ever has a right to. I’ve had visits and gifts and notes and sometimes all those in one day. I’ve been grumpy and frustrated and hermit-y, and my lovely people just keep bringing the sunshine! When I have those inevitable moments of doubt, all I have to do is look around at my expressions of support and encouragement and I just can’t stay in that despair for long!

I’m keeping a diary of the whole experience, which I plan to turn into a blog after the test which will be more interesting, with pictures, and the excitement of the physical journey too. Graduation is the Saturday following the test, and the highlight of that will be all of the kids in the same place at the same time! We also have a post-graduation Vegas extravaganza planned too, so that will be worth checking back for.


So in the meantime, here’s a picture of Bevo the Longhorn from the University of Texas, because look at him!

That’s the study break for now. Thanks for being patient,

and thanks for reading!