Well, this is embarrassing.

It was my intention upon moving to write a happy blog post about the move out to Oregon, including the car ride with 2 dogs and 3 cats, and my first impressions of the house and town. That was my intention.

Now, as of Saturday, I’ve been here for one year. Yikes.

So this post will be in multiple parts: the transamerican journey will be part 1 and the year in the Oregon house will be Parts 2 and beyond.


I couldn’t have made the move without the kids’ help and support. The backstory is that I lived in Tennessee for 30 years. It’s where the kids were raised and went to primary and secondary school, and 3 of the 4 graduated from college. As they’ve grown into their professional lives, they have all opted to settle in the western US, with a preference for the PNW.

So with a fond, melancholy look back at Tennessee, with gratitude for what is behind me and what is before me, I made the decision to sell my farm and relocate to the state of Oregon.

The A-truck crew

Daunting view

The B-truck crew

And off they go

Leaving Tennessee was both a joy and a heartbreak. I left a little piece of my heart behind.

With the cats and dogs in tow, I left my home in Tennessee in the loving hands of the new owner Jacob (freethoughtdonkeys.wordpress.com) on July 28, 2020. And headed south, to spend a couple of weeks with my parents and brothers in Georgia.

One hour condensed into 38 seconds.
Parents. Brothers.


Then it was on to the northeast, where my honey was working in NJ.

Celebrated his 70th birthday a few days early.

Stopped in Kansas to see beloved friend Darrel. Celebrated HIS 70th birthday a few days early too.

The Dakotas…

Don’t get it. Packed with maskless people and kitsch.

Visited Montana State dorm, where I lived one semester in college. Good times.

Stopped at Ben and Kirsten’s in Wenatchee, Washington. Granddogs River and Suzy.

Teriyaki salmon and peach mojitos

Oh my god. I’m in Oregon.
Made it to Eugene to daughter Amy’s!
30 days. A gojillion miles.

Now on to Part 2.

Thanks for reading.