Where was I?

Oh yes, I’ve moved from Tennessee to Oregon, and I’ve posted about the move, and the months of August – November 2020.

First, we had a national election:

We had a family Thanksgiving, where almost all of us could attend, including a few plus ones.

And just like that, it was Christmas.

Murfreesboro, TN is located at latitude 32.84. Roseburg is located at latitude 43.21. You would think I would have been prepared for what happens in December and January this far north. The sun only appears for a few short hours every day, and when you live on a north-facing slope, with tall timber behind you, the direct sun does not show her face for 2 long months. Plus that ubiquitous PNW rain.

Time for winter projects.

Then: a gun cabinet
Now: a Library
More visits from family.
Cut. Split. Stack. ad infinitum
Beautiful ceiling, but not much light.
Winter landscape, before the grading.
This very good day.
Chanticleer, cock-of-the-walk
And one of his many ladyfriends
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And that brings us to March. Stay tuned for more, and Thanks for reading!