Nice change in the weather – 4o degrees felt practically tropical.  I don’t usually train on Sunday, but I’ve been cooped up for a few days and got a little antsy, so I shuffled the week’s schedule around a bit.

Today’s mileage was an easy 4 mile run, right down the driveway and out on 96.  Not so terribly visually interesting, but lots of folks in cars passing by, which brings me to the heart of today’s topic.

I’m trying to think of how I react when I’m driving my car and pass a runner or cyclist.  The first thing I usually do is to see if I know who it is.  Murfreesboro is a small town, with an even smaller athletic community.  After checking for that, I lower my window and stick my arm out and wave and smile, whether I know the person or not.  I’m happy they found the moment in their day to run or bike, and I know how they’re feeling, legs pumping, heart beating, breathing rhythmic.  I guess that’s the difference I’m finding when I’m the runner or cyclist.  So few folks know that feeling, so I get a lot of negative response from drivers I encounter.  It’s not that they try to run me down (although that has happened), or that they honk* or crowd me on the shoulder (although that has happened), or that they are giving me the one-finger salute (although that has happened).  It’s that they simply give me no response…no wave, no smile, no acknowledgement.  It’s as if I’m a bit of a bother with which they have to contend on their busy busy day…a  quick glance, a slight frown, avoidance of any eye contact.  

For the record:  Let me hear a shoutout folks.  Honk your horn*, wave, smile, give me a thumbs up….anything!  I need the encouragement, and it lets me know you see me, which is always important for runners and cyclists.  I’m not judging you for burning your fossil fuel, I’m not judging you for sucking your smokes, or eating your fast food (well, maybe I am a little); just a little smile or wave – it’ll be over in a nanosecond.

*Point of clarification:  there is a difference in a happy toot-toot on your horn and an aggressive HOOOOONNNNNKKKK to get me the hell off your road.

New blog feature:  Treasures I Found While Training.  Today’s haul:  one entire package of Marlboro 100s, one Craftsman flathead screwdriver.  Maybe I’ll put them with the cold medicine and have Glenda create an art piece of found objects.

Boring stats:  24 minutes out (the house to Mrs. Higgins’ church – 2.2ish miles), 23:07 back.  Weather:  40ish and breezy.  Mood: elevated and rising by the day…

Great run.

Thanks for reading.