I’m behind a bit on the blog, but instead of trying to catch up, I’ll just describe today.

I had a half-mile swim, along with a standard strength training workout.  The swim was great.  I felt strong, I love my toys, the iPod really helps pass the laps.  I still struggle with increasing my pace because it alters my breathing pattern.  My coach tells me, instead of trying to swim faster, to add more laps of sprints to my sessions.  That seems to be working; it increases the number of what I call recovery laps, but overall it allows me to complete the laps in a shorter time.

This is the 5th of the 18 weeks to the race…I feel good, nothing seems to hurt (too badly), the distances are increasing.  My biggest fear is still the ocean swim.  I still plan to do a trip to PCB before the race at least once to swim the actual course. 

Everyone who knows I’m doing this has been so supportive and encouraging.  I am so grateful for those words..they echo around in my head when I’m running, riding, and swimming.  I draw on them when I’m puny or stuggling, and they give me a little blast. 

Thanks for reading…