It was bound to happen.  It has taken until week 6, but it always happens.  Sometime during the training, against all reason, you just stumble upon a day that totally eats your lunch.  Today was just such a day.

I know that I just did a swim/ride brick on Saturday, and now here I am doing another one just two days later.  This is almost entirely weather-related; but schedules factor in as well.  So today was a simple 20 mile ride/4 mile run.  They both sucked.

There was an 18 mph headwind, but that wasn’t it.  I didn’t sleep well last night, but that wasn’t it.  My nutrition for the preceding day was adequate, so that wasn’t it.  I struggled with every mile on the bike and every step on the run.  I wear a heart-rate monitor, and it was slightly more elevated than usual, but I knew that.  I was crabby about the whole headwind thing, and worried about loved ones, but I try not to make excuses; to just accept that there are bad days during training, and today was one of them.

I got it all put down, but it was ugly.  The ride was weak but I finished it in about an hour 20, but the run was were it got really bad – I got to the halfway point…22 minutes to the turnaround (from my house down DeJarnette just past the light at the new elementary school), and then it was walk/run to get back home.  The trip back took over 30 minutes.

Oh well, it happens.  Tomorrow is a 6 mile run and it will be better.  Or it won’t.  That’s the way it sometimes is.

Random iPod song:  Masters of War, Bob Dylan…good for my angry mood.

Thanks for reading…