What a beautiful day.  What a glorious change from all the cold and wind and rain!

This was one of those days when you don’t want to stop riding.  The sun was so warm and bright, the sky was blue, and it just felt so good to be outside.  Had I planned the morning a little better, I would have continued riding for much longer than my prescribed 25 miles.  I chose to head into town and then hit the Greenway for a few miles.  I rather meandered, taking whatever direction appealed to me at the moment.  The Greenway was in use, but not too crowded.  I did two laps around the loop at the battlefield, then headed back off, back through town and toward home.

It was as pleasant a way to spend an hour and a half as I’ve ever had on a bike.  It didn’t remotely feel like training, and the pressure of the race was miles and months away.  I guess I have to admit that today would not have been quite so sweet had we not had all of this hideous cold and wind…there’s the lesson learned yet again.

Favorite random song:  No Woman No Cry, Bob Marley

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