Remind me, next time I’m contemplating it, NOT to do a strength training workout the same day I do a brick. 

I am so sore, I can’t move off the couch.  The strength training workout was great, the ride was great, and the run was great…just not such a good idea to do all three in the same day.

The weather was crap…what a shock.  It was overcast, cold, windy, and, in the midst of the ride and run, rainy.  It was 25/6, so it took a while.  Jesse, in a show of solidarity, did both events with me (he passed on the weight training).  We took ourselves out for Mexican food afterward…by then I’m chilled because I’m all sweaty, and I wasn’t crazy about my fajitas, so we didn’t linger…

Now I’m ensconced on the couch, my coffee/ibuprofen snack by my side, enjoying Biggest Loser.  It always feels good to have the brick down for the week. 

Too tired to blog…now that’s tired…but it’s a good kind of tired (isn’t that the expression???)

Favorite random shuffle:  Bobby Brown, Frank Zappa

Thanks for reading…