If you’re following, several weeks ago I had this run from heaven where every step felt strong, light, and right.  Today was the day for the swim to do the same.

As in the run, there was no real reason for it to be so good.  Nutrition was good, rest was good, mood was good, but nothing any more so than any other average day.  Today was a 3/4 mile swim (26 laps) – the longest distance so far toward the 1.25 that the actual race will be. 

I started the swim with a little chat with Jim McCarrell, Sean’s uncle.  He’s training for the Tullahoma Sprint Tri and the Chattanooga Olympic Tri.  We shared training updates, then I put in my tunes, turned on my Ironman watch and got started.  My focus today was to get away a bit from “lap mentality”, and more into continuity of stroking; to allow my sprint/recovery/sprint sequence to be based solely on breathing and stroking rather than the length of the pool. 

It seemed like the swim was effortless.  Every song that cycled through the random selection was perfect for what I needed.  The water felt like it was helping me along, and my lungs were cooperating with whatever I gave them.  On days like this, you just have to thank whatever aqua spirits are guiding you along, and be grateful by giving all you can.

Favorite song:  no way I can do this today…here’s a few of the selections:  Rock Steady, Aretha Franklin; That’s the Way, Led Zepelin; Yellow, Coldplay; We are going to be friends, Jack Johnson; Cell Block Tango, Chicago; Melissa, Allman Bros;Who’ll Stop the Rain, CCR…am I right or am I right??

Thanks for reading…