Okay, here I sit, recovering.

Today’s brick was a new distance:  30 mile ride/8 mile run.  And like every other effing bike training day this season, the winds were high.  Fortunately, it was rather balmy, but in my excitement at discovering the MapMyRide.com website, I neglected to take into account the wind direction.  I was having such fun clicking on intersections and building a 30 mile ride on rural roads, I just took off to the north – with a lovely tailwind.  17 miles later, I made the turn for home, and you guessed it – that’s when it occurred to me that I was kinda toast.

Anyway, got it home, then Big Jesse volunteered to take me 8 miles south, so I could run all the way with the tailwind…is that technically cheating???  There was a protest on the MTSU president’s lawn regarding the dropping of several majors, so I stopped there for a few minutes to lend emotional support and join in a few protest chants, then I toodled on down the road.  It was a sluggish start for about 2 miles, then I got my groove on and actually ended up with a pretty good time.

Today's brick...this is me with a tailwind
Today's brick...this is me with a tailwind

Now, however, I’m lounging on the couch with the dogs, and I’m not sure I’m gonna transition to my bed for the night…I’m pretty comfortable right here.

Best random:  Such Great Heights, Iron and Wine

Thanks so much for reading…