Just want everyone to know I’m committed to this training.

I’m out in Colorado with the kids on their spring break doing a little snowskiing.  I skied yesterday and had a great time….days are warm, snow is good.  However, in the training schedule I have a 10 mile run to do this week.  Last week’s schedule got a little upside down cuz of the trip to Panama City, and now this week’s schedule is gonna be a little crazy, so I really wanted to get the run in.

Ummmm, the altitude here is about 8100 feet.  Do we need to review what happens to the oxygen at higher altitudes???  I was seriously and literally sucking wind.  I don’t really know how far I ran; I just went for the usual amount of time.  I had to occasionally walk and allow my heart rate to go down a bit, then I’d pick back up again.  I had a really good time – I could see the mountains, the sky was so blue, the snow was pretty, and I was feeling strong.  I hated to miss a day of skiing, but I’m so glad I got it done.

mom and ben in beaver creek
mom and ben in beaver creek

I’ll ski tomorrow and Thursday maybe and try to finish out the week’s workouts at home.  Maybe the skiing will help with strength and cardio fitness??  Let’s say it will…

Fave iPod random:  Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash

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