Just because I’ve been away from the blog doesn’t mean I’ve been away from the training…

Today was the beginning of the last three weeks of training before the taper.  It was strength training/swim day and despite feeling a bit under the weather, it was a really good dual workout.  The strength training is always my favorite:  I like how it feels, I like how it makes me look, I like the intensity of it, I like the community I share with other lifters, and I like how I feel for hours afterward. 

The swim was good, a little slower than usual because of the upper respiratory funk.  The pool at SportsCom was so much cooler than is usually is, and that was a welcome change.  Sometimes it’s so warm it’s uncomfortable.

I missed blogging about a swim and a run…just not enough hours in the day! 

Spring has retreated in Middle Tennessee, so I’ve got a cold training day tomorrow…probably a run.

Fave ipod random:  That Thing You Do, from the movie of that name.

Thanks for reading…sorry, Dora, no roadkill in the SportsCom pool…