Wow, kinda weird to be back here…haven’t written since the day after the race.

I’ve had 2 weeks to recover, think, ponder, ruminate, chill, contemplate, and believe you me, that’s all I’ve BEEN doing…

I’m going to issue this disclaimer first and foremost:  I will make the Final Decision on this matter in the fall, after the kids are dispersed to their appropriate places for the next year, and I am more centered and stabilized myself.  Having said that, let me say that I think I have every intention of training for, and competing in, an Ironman Triathlon.  That may seem surprising after having read the Half-Iron blog, but in spite of everything that happened in that event, I’m still driven to attempt the Big One.

I’ve got to do a lot of soul-searching and web-surfing to find just the right race…New Zealand in Jan 2010?  Napa?  Vegas?  The year must be 2010 (the year I turn 50), and I’m seeking a non-ocean race (see Half-Iron blog, non-gill H20 aspiration), and I’m shooting for any possibility of one of the kids being able to be there.  (Again, see Half-Iron blog for Importance of Children Present). 

I will continue to minimally train through the summer, such as it is.  Daughter Amy is participating in her first triathlon a week from Saturday, the sprint Tri in Tullahoma, and I’ll do that one as well.  Then there’s the Olympic in Chattanooga in July, and I think I’ll do Tennessee’s Half-Iron in September (at Oak Ridge…maybe I’ll develop gills in the lake by the nuclear reactor before the swim’s end).  I’d like to Iron by May, since summer is busy with kids, etc., but that may not work…I’ve got all of 2010 to get it done.

I swam, ran, and biked with Amy this past week, as well as strength-trained with Sam (is there anything better than training with your kids?).  We’re headed to California for a week to see her school (Humboldt State University), and we’ll bring our running/swimming gear.  We’ll also swing through Napa and Sonoma counties on the way, and the Redwoods too.  Life is good.

Thanks for reading…I know this has been a long ordeal, and it looks to continue…let me know your own goals, dreams, aspirations, desires, hopes…you inspire me with your journey.   Life is an adventure, and every moment counts (brought to you by Trite Expressions and Accepted Dogma…I’ll do better next time).  Too much Blue Moon at the pizza place to think more deeply than that.

Looking forward breathlessly to the future…..