Well, it was bound to come.  Time has a funny way of rolling around. 

Today is September 1.  September 1 is the first day of training for the Ironman.  Oh yeah.

I started off this 210-270 days of training with a wimper.  I had a good strength training session, and attempted a bike ride, but my brother-in-law who is temporarily living with us had already taken it for a spin just when I needed it, so that was a bust.  The strength training session was not out of the ordinary, but it became special because it fell on the first official day of training.

I have not selected my race yet, but I think I’ve defined these parameters: 

Race must be in Mar/Apr/May of 2010.  (50th bday is November 2010, don’t wanna train in summer, so…)

Non-ocean swim.  (see blog of ocean swim, May 2009)

Non-mountainous course.

And I feel the need to issue this caveat:  Ironman Int’l gives you 17 hours in which to complete the race.  I completed all three shorter distance races (Sprint, Olympic, Long/Half) in times which multiplied would allow for that; HOWEVER, I will allow myself an official finish even if it takes longer than that.  My restriction:  it all must be in one effort (no napping, resting, returning the next day, etc).  If you don’t like it, you may comment here, and I will email you privately a very special expression I use for these certain situations.  (Sounds a little like “Muck My Wick”)

I promise that this blog will become more interesting.  I only blogged today because it’s the first official day.  I haven’t written my schedule, picked my race, planned my strategy – all of this will be revealed in time, and this will be the place to find it!

Thanks for beginning this long  journey with me – I’ll need all the support and encouragement I can get!