I know it’s a big deal, but I am surprised by the limited number of Ironman events around the world.  I haven’t given up looking, but so far I have found 3 races that fit my parameters:  Taupo, New Zealand in March, Australia in April, or Utah in May.  There’s one in China, but I’ve kinda ruled that out cuz trying to get ANYONE to go with me requires a Visa, shots, etc.  The Taupo race sounds fabulous; its only drawback is that it is March 6, a smidge on the early side of my window. 

Today was strength training and swimming, and both went very well.  I had a reflective moment before getting into the pool, thinking about all the hours of training ahead of me, and the magnitude of what I am undertaking.  My Sam is doing as big a race in February, it just has kayaking instead of swimming, but it’s a two-day run/bike/kayaking event in New Zealand.  The date fits in quite nicely with the taper and travel and dateline adjustment.  I have til Oct 31 to register before the fees go from extortion to blasphemy levels.  Sam’s fees are more than mine, so is that better?  Anyone wanna sponsor a slow, old, Athena triathlete?

The thing I’m most looking forward to after picking the race is the backwards scheduling written out in OCD fashion on my calendar, and the other race lengths along the way.  I don’t want to be too influenced by those; I want to pick the Iron on its own merit, then see what fits rather than the other way round.  They don’t all have to be tri’s either – I’m looking for bike and foot races.

I’m also looking forward to comparing training notes with Sam, as he will train just as hard as I will.  (re:  Tri-ing with Amy, blog, June 09).  I’m so proud of you Samson.

Tunes in the water:  Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell; Sheryl Crow, Run Baby Run

Tunes in the weight room:  Woody Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant; Johnnny Cash, The Wall

Thanks for reading…