Dreary, drippy, drab day – and a great day for a run!

Just a quick 50 minute out and back; was planning on running on the farm, but that sloppy, squishy, soggy idea changed in about 100 yards.  I hopped back on the driveway and just headed out, looking for a turnaround at 25:00.  It felt so good to be out, running shoes on, iPod blasting, cars throwing water all over me (jk about that part). 

 For some random reason I decided to wave to each and every driver who passed me – kinda felt like representing the running population as a happy lot.  It was amazing to see them wave back, smile, honk – I chose to interpret that as a little “attagirl” whether they meant it that way or not.  I wanted them all to jump out of their cars and join me – especially when I’m totally groovin some rock-out, feel-good, Queen-type song – I can’t imagine how crazy I must look bobbing my head, singing my song, smiling and waving to everyone passing by.  Don’t care.  Life. Is. Good.

Got the whole calendar marked for the training sessions based on the March 6 race in New Zealand; still haven’t registered for it yet (don’t analyze that).  Daunting distance, that 140 miles.

iPod shuffle choice of the day:  from a mixed CD (don’t know the artist or song)  “I’m happy, feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag, I’m useless, but not for long, my future is comin on it’s comin on it’s comin on it’s comin on”.  Some counter-culture kid could help me identify it???

Thanks for reading.