“Swim in a tube”

“Add some plyometrics to your workout”

“Kick from your hip”

“To swim faster, don’t flail faster, make your stroke more powerful”

These are words out of the advisory bag of my swim/strength training coach, Fran Cegelka.  He drove to Murfreesboro today to help me with a session in the pool and the weight room.  Then, unlike MOST coaches, he also gave me the most wonderful massage EVER.

The direction in gave me in the weight room was so helpful, and the coaching in the pool was invaluable.  I can’t wait to apply all the tips and advice to my workouts.  I’ve  got someone lined up to help me with the running, and I’m good on the bike, I think, so I’m ready to improve, speed up, become stronger, and more efficient.

Brick tomorrow – bike 25, run 6 – I’ll try to have some new pics to add!

Thanks for reading!