Loooonnngggg Day today…

Started out with a great breakfast at a diner/bakery in the town of Hancock – I got my usual high protein bacon and eggs, Jesse got the most delicious, sticky, sweet, pecan-y rolls EVER.  We bought a whole pan full, ate a few, then wrapped up the rest to take with us. 


We did about 11 miles on the Western Maryland Rail Trail, which paralleled the C and O til we fed back onto the mule towpath.  We were trying to outrun the forecasted (?) rain, and did pretty well.

You can't see Jesse's giant rubber bat on his helmet, but it's there!

 The scenery was beautiful again today – we stopped and saw Fort Frederick, a revolutionary war Fort, and we saw a snake cross the path.  We also saw upwards of 50 deer between yesterday and today.

our little sneaky snake - he was about 3 feet long

We ate lunch (and fixed Jesse’s leaking tube) in the town of Williamsport at a cute cafe called the Desert Rose.  It wasn’t long after that that it began to rain and the picture-taking was over for the day.

lunch - healthy for a change

We’re in Harper’s Ferry, WV at a hostel/bed and breakfast on the hill.  We climbed an interesting spiral staircase to cross the river, but it was pouring down rain and we didn’t get the camera out, so if it’s clear tomorrow morning, we take a pic when we cross it again.

another beautiful section of the C and O canal

Last day tomorrow – 60 miles into DC…thanks for reading!