Day 4 and trip back home…

Day 4 was even wetter than day 3, if that was possible.  I took pictures in spite of the moisture, because the landscape was so very beautiful.

typical trail section
Falls were even heavier because of the rain - breathtaking
another lovely suspension bridge
I built this little cairn on the side of the trail cuz the rocks were so pretty
The reason for the trip to New Zealand

The trail ended at a place called SandFly Point.  Google SandFly.  The little nasties were the Kiwi equivalent of mosquitoes; ultimately we all decided they weren’t quite as bad, but oh so close.  Boat ride, bus ride, van ride to a hostel in a little nearby ski town.

Our hostel room in Wanaka
That's a group of cyclists on the wrong side of the road

We had another half-day the next day while we waited for a flight; we had a little mini-cookout in Mr. Bongo atop a beautiful ridge in Christchurch.

sausages, wine, bread, cheese - mmmmmmm
Sunset group shot - great trip!

Our trip home was a round-about:  Christchurch to S ydney to Atlanta to Nashville.  We certainly enjoyed our terminal time, as always, and caught up on our reading.  We highly recommend this trip; we’ve tried to think what we would do different, and have been unable to come up with anything!

 One more big trip, then we will return this blog to its regularly scheduled training reports.  Oh, yeah, I’ve got an Ironman coming up in about 14 weeks!

Thanks for reading!

Mt. Cook