…or be training for an Ironman.

Today’s brick was, I don’t even know how cold this is, colder than a witch’s titty.  (Bonus points if you can come up with where that came from.)

The swim (2000 yards) was fine – felt strong in the pool, rhythm was good, even with no iPod.  I did it in 55 minutes which works for me.  Out of the pool, out of the suit, into sweats, quick drive home, into the bike gear, bikes in the truck.  Why not just leave from the house?  Good question.

The random parking place from which we started.

Today’s weather was shit for bike riding:  cold, overcast, windy, damp.  So hubby comes up with the brilliant idea to position ourselves due southwest of town, to take advantage of the 15-20 mph winds OUT of the southwest.  We drive 80k to East Fumblebuck, Tennessee, park in a gravel lot in the middle of nowhere, and head out with a delicious tail wind.  You know how when you are on the moving sidewalks in an airport, you feel like you have superpowers?  You are going the same speed you normally walk, but are moving at twice the speed?  THAT is what a tailwind feels like:  you are exerting your normal amount of energy, spinning your feet around and around, but you are traveling as if you are on a long, smooth downhill.  Which would have made this ride perfect if not for one tiny thing.

It was 34 degrees.

34 degrees is cold.  You can bundle up and put on a hat and gloves and scarf and coat and stay relatively warm as you walk from your car to work or around town; you can even go for a walk at that speed and be comfortable.  Now imagine being in a convertible or jeep in that temperature with the top down and driving 30 miles an hour.  For two hours and forty-five minutes.  Oh yeah.

Here you will see assembled all the clothing I wore on this outing; I was still cold.  My fingers and toes were numb and my face didn’t function.  What I mean by that is when I went to eat my Snickers at the halfway point, I could not bite it, I could not chew it.  Had to resort to yet another flavor of GU……mmmmmm, GU…..

Read the whole blog so you know I'm not just trying to show you my underpants.

I’ve had 2 cups of bouillion, a hot bath, a glass of wine, and I’m under my electric blanket – I’m starting to warm up.

Still no iPod, so today’s song in the pool was:   Bubbbles, bubbles, bubbles, breathe, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, breathe.

Thanks for reading.