can't WAIT to get out and RIDE MY BIKE in this

Hi all —

Once again, a lack of blogging does not reflect a lack of training…quite the opposite!  It’s just that the training has become so CONSUMING I just don’t have the last few moments of the day to indulge in the joy of recounting my day.  So here’s kind of a week-long summary:

OMG, THIS SUX!!  Ok, I’ve gotten that out of the way; now I can be a bit more rational.  What I meant to say is that this Tennessee weather is most certainly not conducive to the rigors of training for a triathlon.  The wind, the cold, the rain, the snow, I’m so terribly, terribly over it.  If you follow the blog you know that last week I made an attempt to chase some sunshine in Florida and train in a skosh of heat since my race will be at the conclusion of New Zealand’s summer.  That attempt was Epic Fail, as it was 36 degrees the day I tried to swim in the wetsuit and ride 80k.

my latest attempt to make it work: the Lemond on the trainer

So, never give up, never surrender, I’m planning another attempt at what we’ll call Vitamin D Training.  I will have to fly through LA on the way to Sydney on the way to Wellington on the way to Lake Taupo where my race is, and I’ve decided to go several days early to see if I can train in a little warmth there.  I’m staying at a hostel in Venice Beach and if all goes according to plan (HA!), I leave on Thursday and will be there about 10 days before I make the equally challenging attempt to procure a stand-by seat on a flight toward New Zealand.

What’s the Jordan family motto?:  Life’s an Adventure.  Each member of our family gets the opportunity on a regular basis to put to the test our confidence in this motto; this trip is no exception.  I will do the best I can to continue to blog from the trip to LA and the race week.

On a family personal note:  Son Sam is competing in the Coast-To-Coast New Zealand race on the 12th and 13th (this Friday and Saturday).  The competitors work their way across the entire southern island kayaking, road biking, and trail running.  Sam has trained as long and as hard as I have, and he’s an inspiration to me every time I lace up my shoes.  I am as excited for him and his race as I am my own.  I’ll blog about his experience since no amount of whining has compelled him to write his own blog.

Hubby’s mom celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday, but her health is in decline with each passing day.  All of her sons and several additional family members got to wish her well personally on her special day.  She is currently in the hospital and Jesse may have to miss both mine and Sam’s races in order to assist her in her needs, but we both know she will be very proud of us.

Thank you for all of your supportive comments on this blog and in person – with just a couple of days yet to go before I leave I may not get to see everyone for my final good luck hugs!  I feel them, however, and am so grateful for all the attagirls!

Big ol’ brick on Wednesday – 4000 yd swim and 180k bike (2 and 112 miles!)…will try to do an entry then before I leave town.

Thanks for reading!