Hey everyone…

I’m here to say that when you are too tired to blog, you are too tired!

I’ve been out here in California since Thursday, training like a maniac, and am so tired by the end of the day I haven’t even gotten on Facebook – and for those who know me, you know I’ve got to be really tired not to even do that!

Santa Monica Hostel
from the street, one block off the beach

The ocean swims have been interesting – fabulous in the sunshine and water temp of about 58 degrees; the first day I got a bit seasick (the wetsuit really keeps you on top of the waves, and the surf was a little roll-y when I was out there).  Today’s swim was a bit better as the waves were pretty flat, but it is still bracingly cool at about 60 degrees (helps that it was 83 degrees in the sun!)  The runs have been nice and sweaty – what a great change from the frigid air of Middle Tennessee this winter!

rinsing out the sand and salt

To those who follow the blog you know that our family has been concerned about Jesse’s mom advanced age and deteriorating health and on Saturday, February 13, her life came to a peaceful end.  Because the children are so far-flung we have set the service in South Carolina for next Friday.  Besides giving the family time to arrive it gives me the added benefit of a few extra precious days of warm-weather training.  I will be returning to the south next Thursday, but will probably not make it into Murfreesboro at all; LA to ATL to Myrtle Beach, and then back again before heading to New Zealand.  Jesse is on Facebook if you want to contact him with condolences.

Son Sam has completed his race on the south island of New Zealand and he absolutely rocked it.  He ranked in the top 40 for his division and says he will do it again.  He inspires me every time I’m on the bike or the water or in my sneaks, and I am SOOOO proud of him.

my biggest problem in this youth hostel

So I may not blog as regularly as I have been, but know that I’ll still be out there training.  And do not think that I have forgotten about my precious flat posse – you made the trip out here with me and have enjoyed the inside of my suitcase for days.  I promise I’ll take you out into the sunshine and onto the beach before I blog next.

Santa Monica Pier

Love and miss everyone – thank you for all your sweet comments!

Race is 3 weeks from yesterday – – – deep, cleansing breath.