Sorry for that abrupt break…campground is spectacular, but internet lacks.

all my stuff

The logistics of all the paraphernalia is astounding – bike, helmet, wetsuit, biking gear, nutrition, hydration, running gear, special needs gear, bike transition, run transition – I’ve had my list going since November.

my two Ironmates (their ID bracelets actually say that)

Sam did my tire-changing drills this morning – he didn’t actually time me, but he made me do it right.  I have changed a flat tire or two, but when your kid is a bike mechanic and your husband is a fix-it-up chappie, you don’t get the practice you need.  Anyway, I’m going the route of the CO2 cartridge instead of the pump, so there may be a story there…

I’m still struggling with downloading the pictures, and I want to get the blog wrapped up before a) my block of internet runs out, b) my computer battery dies, and c)10:00 which is when I’m going to pretend to go to sleep.

Time is too short here for me to reflect on the whole experience; I’ve been doing that a bit with a Word document I can transfer to the blog if I choose.  For now allow me to close by saying thank you thank you thank you for all your kind words of support.  I’ll express my gratitude more fully in the days to come.  I really mean it when I say I memorize your sweet words to replay in my mind when I struggle on the course.

The fam will try to update my FB status as the day goes on – and then sometime Sunday I’ll try to at least do a short entry here.

I’m ready.

Thanks for reading.