I’ve said it here before, but let me say it again:  Put “Visit New Zealand” on your bucket list.  Now.  Go do it.  I’ll wait.

Here are pictures that do not do justice to our rafting trip on the Rangatikei (with our handy built-in raft guides).

looking down the gorge at the river
pre-float sandwiches
lots of supervision
part of the plan is to get Jesse up to speed to raft the fam down the Grand Canyon...
counting on Sam for supper...
...and he came through!
Middle Earth Waterfall
It was really this beautiful

Then the camera battery died and the photos were over.  We camped on the riverbank and had trout for supper.  Sam and Laura had to go back to Palmy for classes, and we had to go home.  We all vowed we would go back and do this trip again, in some kind of variation.

Now we’re unpacking and enjoying a couple of days with sweet Amy as she passes through on the way to see her sissy in Paris.

Glad to have this lovey home even for a few hours.

Thanks for reading!