My bad.

Too much spring fever, I think.  Just not spending as much time indoors with this clamshell on my lap!  So we’ll just go with the summary of the past few weeks.

Training is ongoing, and positively delicious in this warm, spring weather.  I’ll be complaining before long about the heat, but for now, I’m loving not having to layer up and still be cold on the bike or in the sneaks!

Jesse and I have been scoping out the Natchez Trace for a potential 7-day bike tour over Fall Break.  We did a few miles this week beginning south of the Meriwether Lewis monument.

the rig
the girl

In other news, our girl Uga (my adorable bully), is in a maternal way.  Jesse found a vet who specialized in bullies, had her surgically inseminated, and in 13 days she will be a mommy.  Not to wear you out, but I’ll be posting pics and blog as the happy day arrives.

ultrasound day - Boo's the midwife
note the Georgia hoody

Thanks for being patient and thanks for reading!