Delighted in the response to the 50 New Things idea, but having puppies has slowed me down!

My precious Uga gave birth to 9 precious babies on Friday!  We have sadly since lost one little baby, but the remaining 8 are thriving and healthy!  They are consuming to take care of, because they INSIST on me constantly looking at them, holding them, cuddling them – all I do is work work work!

Anyway, here is a partial list of responses, and remember, this isn’t final yet – I have til May 18 to publish the real list!

Streak through Publix

Do a Bob Ross painting

Drink a lime gimlet with a British guy


Color my hair pink or blue, maybe for a race

Go to the Superbowl

Scuba Dive Cayman or Bahamas

Write a song

Hike a 14er in Colorado

Write a children’s book

Be in a live audience for a TV show

Eat famous crumb cake at Carlos’ Bakery in NYC

Horseback riding on the beach

Go parasailing

Go bungy-jumping

Big-ass rubber band flingy thing

Run 50 miles (ummm…no)

Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand

Hike the Great Wall of China

Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world, in Chile

Watch turtles hatch and make for the ocean

Sky Diving

Learn to play pinochle, mah jongg, canasta, gin

Eat gefilte fish with horseradish

Dress like a man and go with a man to a straight bar and a gay bar

Have a colonoscopy

Get a tattoo

Go to South Beach, Miami

Attend as many religious ceremonies as possible, including lighting candles in Jerusalem

Take ballroom dance lessons

Meet the President

Do nothing for one day – no TV, no phone, no work, no workouts

Go on a safari

Visit all the continents

Panhandle on a corner for a day

Ride the TransCanandian Railway

Drink Paddle of Destiny at Mellow Mushroom with certain girlfriend

Renew marriage vows

Finish an Ironman

That’s 39 by my count, but I can already rule out the 50 mile run, Victoria!  If I’ve missed any, comment again and I’ll add it.  You can probably mostly guess who submitted what, but I’ll add that when I have the list complete.  Haven’t heard yet from a certain British couple, a certain New Zealand son, a certain California daughter, certain Nashville cousins, among others, on their suggestions.  These were fabulous ideas, and I can’t wait to get started on them!

Training continues and the spring weather, even with its pollen, is still delightful!  Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon is Saturday – in the expected rain.  Puppies are darling, getting fatter by the day – promise to post more pics on the next blog!

Pile o’ puppies

Thanks for reading, and thanks for suggesting!