We’re getting close.  We actually have more than 50 things on the list; however, there are a few that are not going to make the cut, so we still need a few more to complete it.

Remember the deal:

a) has to be a new thing

b) has to be between May 18, 2010, and May 18, 2011 – Nov. 18, my birthday, falls right in the middle

c) if you suggest it, you’ll be asked to do it with me

d) I’ll blog about it

Not much more to it than that, so let’s get on with the listing!  The name of the suggestor/co-participator follows the entry:

1.  Streak through Publix    –   Dora

2.  Do a Bob Ross painting   –   Glenda

3.  Drink a lime gimlet   –   Sam M

4.  Fire-hoop   –   Glenda

5.   Color my hair pink/blue/something for a race   –   Glenda/Amy

6.  Go to the Superbowl

7.  Scuba-dive Cayman or Honduras or Bahamas   –   Fran

8.  Write a song   –   Beth

9.  Hike a 14-er in Colorado   –   Ben

10.  Write a children’s book   –   Kristen

11.  Be in a live audience for a TV show   –   Kristen

12.  Eat crumb cake at Carlos’ Bakery in NYC   –   Kristen

13.  Horseback riding on the beach   –   Kristen

14.  Go parasailing   –   Kristen

15.  Go bungy-jumping

16.  Big-ass rubber band thingy   –   Mandi

17.  Run 50 miles   –   Vic

18.  Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand   –   Vic

19.  Hike the Great Wall of China   –   Vic

20.  Swim in the largest swimming pool in the world, in Chile   –   Vic

21.  See sea turtles hatch and head for the ocean   –   Vic

22.  Go sky diving   –   Phil

23.  Learn to play pinochle, mah jongg, canasta or gin

24.  Eat gefilte fish with horseradish

25.  Dress like a man and go with a man to a straight bar and a gay bar

26.  Have a colonoscopy   –   mom

27.  Get a tattoo   –   Amy

28.  Go to South Beach, Miami

29.  Attend lighting of candles in Jerusalem

30.  Take ballroom dance lessons

31.  Meet the President

32.  Do nothing for one day – no work, no workouts, no computer, no phone, no TV

33.  Go on a photo safari

34.  Visit all the continents

35.  Panhandle on a corner

36.  Ride the TransCanadian Railway

37.  Drink Paddle of Destiny at Mellow Mushroom   –   Susan

38.  Renew marriage vows   –   Mike

39.  Finish an Ironman

40.  Climb a redwood tree   –   Amy

41.  Hike the Adirondacks   –   Becky

42.  Learn to swordfight   –   Ted

43.  Drive a race car   –   Ted

44.  Hike the AT   –   Ted

45.  Take a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class   –   Shannon

46.  Kayak the Gauley   –   Sam

47.  Do a road trip   –   Brianna

48.  Swim with dolphins   –   Brianna

49.  Full moon party in Koh phangan, Thailand   –   Lila

50.  Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina   –   Lila

51.  Go dog sledding in Alaska   –   Lila

52.  Become a licensed minister and marry someone   –   Lila

53.  Swim with sharks   –   Lila

54.  Jump off of a waterfall   –   Lila

55.  Watch Dr. Zhivago (how did I miss that?)

The following have been suggested but don’t fit the criteria:

-Make out with a woman

-Sing with a gospel choir

-Hike the Tetons

-Sit in a mineral hot springs

-Go on a cruise


-Jump on a moving train

-Visit Paris in the spring

-Backpack Europe

-Have sex on the 50 yard line of the University of Georgia football field (jk, nobody suggested that, I just wanted to brag that I had already done it…)

-Run a marathon

-Eat snails

-Smoke marijuana

-Visit Yellowstone Park

-Go to New York City

-Read Gone With The Wind and War and Peace

So, there you have it.  I’ve got another week or so to tweak the list, then the accomplishing begins.  Last call for suggestions – that has been my favorite part of this whole thing!  I love reading your ideas, and I especially love the thought of you doing these things with me (Dora, I am soooo not kidding)!

Training skips along – today was a triple – strength training/run/swim.  Weather in Middle Tennessee is gorgeous – perfect for running and biking, hard to go inside into the pool.  I’m hoping to get an open-water swim in at some point soon.  I have a short sprint race the first Saturday in June, and that swim is in a lake.

Puppies are adorable – three weeks old today.  I’ll try to post pictures of their fat, wobbly cuteness.

Thanks for reading…fave shuffle today was Avett Bros, Like A Kick Drum