I don’t know the capability of the blog to handle the pics, so it may take an entry or two or three.  So here goes:

The ride up is most interesting.  We didn’t have Ben and Kirsten, the Colorado duo, for most of the 24 hours because they drove their van to Dubuque, the end town, and got in the bus with us there.  We left Murfreesboro at 4pm Friday, and arrived in Sioux City at around 6pm Saturday.  There were plenty of potty stops, gas stops, and food stops, but even with that factored in, the new engine performed beautifully.  Jesse would love to tell you about it, so ask him if you see him.

Jordan and Amy in the jumpseats, with the door open right onto the interstate
Ahmad and Sean in the coach seats
Sam and Andreas
Tuck and Meg in the first class seats
Laura and Fez
Aden and BenDaddy, now heading west
Izzy and Ahmad, Ben and Kirsten
First night's camp in Sioux City

After arriving in Sioux City and setting up camp, we all converged on the party deck for the annual Riders’ Meeting.  First rule of Ragbrai, Jesse style:  A Clean Bus Is A Happy Bus.

Always wear a helmet, keep your dirty clothes up top, keep your crap in your cubby
Day one, body marking
In case you couldn't read it in the other picture
Aden's conveyance and conveyor
Jordan seriously suiting up
Sam and mom
relaxing in evening town, pre-performance
Fez and Boo
Amy and Jordan at the very intricate, very strange Grotto of Redemption in Somewhere, Iowa
slacklining at camp
Laura, our team ballerina
Glenda's performance on the square
I'm not sure where the videos will end up; check Team Fly Facebook page
no caption needed
out on the route

The next picture needs a little explaining.  We didn’t KILL the roadkill, we just DECORATED the road kill.  And by we I mean the other 20,000 cyclists, not me.  Only because I didn’t have any Team Fly stickers.  I know it’s a little disrespectful, but it’s what we do.

Rocky the Late Raccoon

Okay, so I’m going to post this since it’s about the halfway point of the ride, and start another entry.  I’ve got the pictures and write-up spread over the Team Fly Facebook Page, my Facebook page, and here, plus I’m gathering everyone else’s pics, so just keep looking and being patient!

Thanks for reading!