For an Iron triathlete, I’m a real slacker.  In the three weeks since the race I have been sitting around on the couch eating bon-bons (whatever they are) and watching television.  Ok, maybe not the last two things, but I have sooooo enjoyed my down time.

I truly did nothing in the way of working out for two weeks, and last week returned to working out half-time.  This week marks the return to full training for the next big race, Taupo in March.  I’ve also lost my camera so I’m depending on Jesse for his photos.

Last weekend we travelled to east Tennessee for a couple of reasons:  to see the Green River Race and to see daughter Glenda compete in the finals for the UT’s Got Talent show.

The race was phenomenal.  The drive and hike to the river were an adventure unto themselves, and then to get to see that river and those racers – one of which was our own Curtis England.  He was a joy to watch, even if it was a whiteknuckler for us spectators.  We got to see Sam run a portion of it too.  We’ll try to make this an annual event!

my girls and me
Krispy Kreme indulgence stop
our viewing zone for the race
Jesse and Curtis
Sam and La
Ames and Mom
the girls, post-race

On to the talent show.  Glenda was up against a magician, two talented break dancers, and one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard.  She performed with her LED hoop, followed by her fire hoop and did a great job.  The judges thought so too – of the 26,000 students at the University of Tennessee, she’s the man!  Or woman!  Or hooper!  Whatever, she won the competition!  She doesn’t really like the focus on the competition part, but she’s terribly grateful for the prize:  a professional video to be made of her performances to be used as an audition video to clubs across the country!

The winner in her modified Leeloo costume
oops - another trip to the KK

This weekend we were able to go back to Knoxville for another performance at the homecoming rally, Smoky’s Howl (kind of a pre-homecoming pep rally).  She did another great job.  On Saturday, we (Jesse, me, Amy, Glenda, Sam, Laura) went to Max Patch with the Mosses and some of the staff of UTOP for an afternoon of remembrance for Robert.  He and Amy had gone there a few times and it is truly a beautiful place.  We shared some wonderful memories of our precious boy and enjoyed the view and the company.

atop Max Patch
Amy and the Mosses

Later that night we drove into Johnson City, TN, for a campus visit at ETSU.  It was a night visit, so we just drove through in the car, but we loved what we saw.  They have Amy’s degree, so if all goes well with her acceptance/transfer, she’ll be seeing those mountains every day beginning in January!  The buccaneer mascot is a little scary/creepy, but we like things edgy.

scary? or scariest?

Back home again and now getting ready for the big 5-0 birthday/post-iron party.  In the mail when I got home was my very weird award for winning my division – a ceramic coffee mug that has race logo and details and division winner on it….mkay.  Where’s my cheap-ass plastic trophy?!

Thanks for reading – see everyone Saturday!!