A quick update on family goings-on:

Thanksgiving was fabulous:  All the guys were tied up – Jesse was on a trip, Ben was in Colorado working, Sam was in Atlanta working, so the girls and I had the traditional girl feast of wine, cheese, nuts, fruit!  The girls had gone on a 24-hour trip with Jesse to NYC and saw a couple of hours of the Macy’s day parade, and the Addams’ Family play the night before.

My girls

There was also a little shopping…

Boot night at the Jordans (that's me with my rolled up pajama leg)
caramel popcorn and beer - don't be hatin
A holiday helper...and the world's best caramel popcorn

It’s been a cold holiday season, and we even had the Tennessee version of a blizzard last night.

Cold day for poor kitty - fountain frozen solid

On the school news:  daughter Amy is transferring to ETSU in January, so she and I made a trip to Johnson City to find her an apartment (which we did with a HUGE win I will blog about later).

Son Sam, however, is transferring nowhere because HE GRADUATED FROM UT on Saturday!!

Swag for the parents - did you see the honor cord?

So with this expensive diploma, he will spend the winter….being the sleigh master at Beaver Creek resort taking guests to the restaurant on the slope.  Living in a camper.  In the Home Depot parking lot.  Life is good.

My parents and brother got to make the trip to Knoxville

Daughter Glenda is in England, where she went the moment exams were over, where she will stay until the last possible second until classes begin.  Sam and Amy flew to Colorado today; Sam to work for the season, Amy to ski for a few days.

Walking in our own winter wonderland on the property after the snow

Jesse is currently online next to me, looking for tickets to the Auburn game in January — if anyone has any leads…

Thanks for reading!