Coming to you live from Maple Street in Johnson City, TN —

This is Amy’s spring break week from ETSU, but in a effort to complete the funding for her upcoming adventure to Thailand, she is working through the week.  I took advantage of her time off from school to get in a quick visit, which includes 2 visits on the to and fro with Glenda!

Glenda in UT Print Shop

We had a great couple of days together, revolving as it usually does around food, wine, and talk.  She’s working at a sushi restaurant, so lucky me, I hung around the sushi bar while she waited tables — entertaining myself with watching her while eating miso soup, salad with ginger dressing, 2 rolls of sushi and Sapporo.  The next day we ran errands, shopped for groceries (a college tradition when a parent’s in town), and went to a great pizza place called Scratch.  High-funk, BYOB, brick-oven place that features a menu option called:  Trust.  We went with our own choice because she wanted me to taste certain things; next time we’ll put ourselves in the hands of the be-dreaded crew and go with the Trust option.  I also got to hang at the Acoustic Coffeehouse, another high-funk place one and half blocks (read:  walking distance) from Amy’s darling house apartment.  She’s got more company coming in for the weekend, so I’m grabbing a shower and hitting the road for Knoxville where Glenda is about to begin her spring break.

Amy, Phil, and Trip at Acoustic

This past weekend Aden got to spend the weekend and we did the usual:  throwing rocks in the pond for about an hour, playing 400 games of UNO (it rained a LOT), and coloring.

Life is good

To complete the generational bookends, between visits with Aden and the girls, I got to visit with my parents as they made a pass through Middle Tennessee on their way to a motorhome caravan to Civil War sites (my dad is the historian for the group).  This is their first trip with their new, upgraded RV (5 feet longer and one slide out more than the old one).

The new Maxwell rig
sweet mommy
crabby, grumpy old grandpa

A week in the life.

Thanks for reading!