I can go 2 weeks without posting, then have a weekend like this where I want to post about EVERYTHING!

I’ll try to write in sequence, but no assurances.  The girls rolled in Friday night:  Glenda, squeeze Sam, and BF Rachel in the minivan from Knoxville, and not 5 minutes later Amy from Johnson City.  It’s lame, I know, but they take my breath away every time I see them.  They’re so happy and healthy and I just can’t wait for them to walk in the door!  I’d fixed veggie lasagna and cheese bread and birthday cake and dessert – that’s what I do when the kids are coming home – gives me something to do with my time while I check the clock every 3 and a half minutes, and it’s such a mom/nurture thing.  We talked nonstop til we collapsed around midnight.

Early Saturday Amy and I got up and headed to Nashville for the Ted talk at TPAC.  O. M. G.  When I win the lottery, I’m going to be an international Ted groupie.  (www.Ted.com).  It was a TedX event – all local presenters, from 10am to 6pm, 18 minutes each, and I could feel the smart wash over me with each subsequent speaker.  I’ve kept the program so I can remember the details of each one.  There were musicians, 2 rocket scientists, a docent from Fisk, an entreprenuer, and dancer, a neurosurgeon, an orchestra, and even Ashley Judd.  Each one was fabulous.  Amy and I both had our favorites; the day passed in a flash and I will unequivocally say that I’ve never had such a great $50 8-hour day.  Ever.

This panel was created as each speaker presented - fascinating

Then home we dashed just in time for the girls’ 22nd birthday.  They threw down with their Murfreesboro posse, with an old school hayride/treasure hunt/bonfire – it was crazy fun.

Google "Bang This" twins, Nashville, TN for the joke

Aden and buddy Alden did the honors of following the map and helping Big Jesse steer toward the treasure (one of which was suspended from the zipline over the pond).

Aden with the treasure map

There was hooping and music and food and most of all friends, and didn’t end until the wee hours, long after I had given up and fell asleep listening to them talk and laugh around the fire.

Aden singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Glenda and Aunt Amy
...on the electric guitar

I know it’s cliche, but I can’t believe it’s been 22 years since the three of us partied like rock stars in a North Carolina hospital!

Sunday morning took us to Starbucks with our secular group where Sam Miller shared his experience with Quakerism.  We had a good crowd – (forgot the camera) and stayed until it was lunchtime.  We try to meet and chat about once a month – refreshing and challenging every time.

Then, as always, the time came on Sunday afternoon for them to head back to their campuses and lives.

beautiful children

It was a fabulous 40-something hours.  I even suspended studying for the weekend (and had a 12-hour day today!) to be able to enjoy them with no distraction.  In 3 weeks, they’ll officially be college seniors.

I love you girls – thanks for bringing the party 22 years ago!!

Thanks for reading!