And law school continues…

It’s so central to my life, I take it for granted everyone else knows about it, til I check and it has been weeks since I mentioned it!

So on it goes.  I am closing in on the end of my first year; this program is 4 years, as opposed to most bricks and mortar law schools which are 3.  My final exam is December 3, over which I am appropriately freaking out.  Then the real fun begins.

Because my school is based in CA, the CA Bar requires the taking of the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE), affectionately known as the Baby Bar.  It’s a great idea:  you can’t continue in school if you don’t pass it.  In 3 tries.  Well, you CAN, but you get the idea.  I begin my second year in January, and don’t take the FYLSE until June 2012 – halfway through my 2nd year!

Both tests consist of 100 multiple choice questions and 3 essays.  Easy, right?  Sure.  Subjects are Torts, Criminal Law, and Contracts.  They each have their interesting parts, and each have their tedious parts.  The trick is having memorized the rules, the exceptions, and the exceptions to the exceptions, and to be able to analyze and answer the questions, and analyze and write the essays.  1st world problem.

So my study group is a bit unconventional.  (I know, big surprise.)  We have virtual study sessions where we’re on skype reviewing subjects.  Sometimes we’re on the phones, sometimes we’re using email or text.  But this past weekend, we went all out.

happy to finally meet!

Our study group met in 1000 Oaks, California, at the home of Charlene and Rick, and their son Kevin.  I flew in from TN, and Rosine and Myra drove from Tuscon.  We converged on a Friday afternoon, and I don’t really know how, but we managed to squeeze in 4 meals in restaurants, hours of studying, a 2.5 mile walk, at least 4 practice tests, and loads of laughing and socializing, all before I took the redeye out on Sunday!

Charlene and Rick were hosts above all hosts.  Here’s a study area:

Rick grew the roses

And here’s our study tshirts:

I'm not tellin

Then there’s Rick, Char’s long-suffering and patient husband, who waited on the students beyond anyone’s imagination:

afternoon snacktime
Nicest. Man. EVER.

And this was the lovely environment in which all this studying took place:

morning coffee, anyone?

And I can’t leave out Kevin, who gave up his bedroom and bathroom for 2 nights, engaged in a philosophical conversation with me (one of my favorites), let us take over his house for the weekend with no complaint (reminder:  he’s 16), and was an all-around good sport about our endless probing questions into his life and interests.  And can I also add this boy is a 4.0, AP, perfect SAT, Harvard or Yale prospect track star??

Char and Kevin

I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Sparky, our beagle companion, who added so much to the group dynamic.  She had a lot to say, and as she is refining her “size-reduction techniques”, commiserated with the rest of us about the challenges of that!

The Tuscon contingent

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend of study and friendship.  We hope to do it again in February and April, before our big test in June, and we hope to do at least one of those sessions here in TN.  Myra, who is in graduate school, but not law school, says she wants to work on the farm.  I said to bring her boots.  If we make this happen, we’ll have a throwdown/bonfire for the school posse to meet some of my TN posse.

So much legal brainpower in one shot
Our little group before our walk to....breakfast, of course.

Rick, Kevin, Charlene, Myra, Rosine, Sparky — thank you for a fabulous weekend!

Thanks for reading!