This might be the most boring blog entry in the history of blog entries.  It’s just to serve as an explanation of where I have been, and where I’ll be for the next few weeks.


When you attend a freaky-deaky online law school like I do, California insists you take what is known as the First Year Law Students’ Exam, affectionately known as the Baby Bar.  It’s a great idea – the premise is that if you can’t pass this bad boy, you really shouldn’t put a whole lot of time and effort into continuing (that’s what I’ve decided is the premise).  I have to fly to Pasadena the week before, attend a review weekend, and then the test is all day June 26:  4 one-hour essays, and 100 multiple choice questions.

Rose Bowl - the only Pasadena icon I know
Rose Bowl – the only Pasadena icon I know!

I am halfway through my 2nd year, but because the test is only offered in June and October, I am scheduled to take the test June 26.  So, you can do the math…since January, I’ve been studying 1L and 2L subjects.  #firstworldproblems

They way it works, you have 3 tries to pass this test, and an administration counts as a try.  In other words, even if you opt not to take one of the 3 consecutive administrations of the test for whatever reason, that counts as a try.  After the 3rd go, best wishes for your new career, which will not be the law.

I have this June, the following October, and June of 2013 to kill this mofo.  I’ve been studying like crazy, all while studying all the 2L subjects (Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Real Property, Constitutional Law).  I’m crabby and sleep-deprived and full of self-doubt.  And I still have almost 6 weeks to go.

I should say that I really do love this school, I love the studying, the lectures, even the essays.  I’m going to see this through to the nth degree, 3 takings of this test and all.  I would really really really like to pass it on the first go, and I’m doing all I can to make that happen.

Which is why I’m writing this post.  It’s why I haven’t blogged in days and days.  It’s why I’ll be lying low for a bit.  And it’s why, if you see me around, I may be in a fog, I may be short and snippy, or I may not even see you if you wave!  Please be patient with me – – I’ll be back, I promise.

In the meantime, enjoy your May and June, and I will emerge on June 27th!

Thanks for reading!  (and for being patient!)