And just like that, Road Trip!

Sweet daughter Amy has her summer work lined up:  she’s been hired as the sea kayak instructor at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island in Washington.  She has moved out of her college apartment in Johnson City, packed her car full of her stuff, and she’s gotten as far as Murfreesboro on her way.

Brother #2 is located, for his summer work, in Salida, Colorado, where he is employed as a River Ranger on the Arkansas River.  Handily, Salida is on Amy’s route to the great northwest.

Brother #1 is between semesters at CU Boulder, and will be in Salida with his girlfriend Kirsten for a few days of recreation.

See what’s happening here?  When any two of my kids are together I pine to be with them.  When 3 of them are together, I can’t be kept away.  And when all 4 are together — fugeddaboutit.  And with sister Glenda on the Memorial Day weekend break, this is one of those times.  Away go the textbooks, out goes the call for the house-sitter, pack a quick bag, and off we go!

The pile to pack
The pile to pack
Bitch please.  Tetris champ.
Bitch please. Tetris champ.

6am departure time tomorrow.  3 Jordan women, 1300 miles (to Salida).  Friday night:  Oklahoma City.  Saturday night:  Salida, where the boys will be waiting.

Here's Amy's plan to get us across the country.
Here’s Amy’s plan to get us across the country.

Look for an update tomorrow night, from somewhere in the midwest.  We’ve done the St. Louis/Kansas route so many times on the way out to snowski, that this time we think we’ll take the southern tour across Oklahoma.

Road Trippers
Road Trippers

Here we go!  Thanks for reading!