Crappy internet and late night hanging with the children = no blog yesterday.  I’ll try to cram 2 days into one with this quick post.

Yesterday morning found us waking up in Ft. Reno, Oklahoma, still heading west.  This day we covered the rest of Oklahoma, the tippy part of the hat of Texas, a corner of New Mexico, and then our lovely Colorado.

Terribly inappropriate Texas gas station humor.  It's called Pet Tornado.
Terribly inappropriate Texas gas station humor. It’s called Pet Tornado.
Yes, we do this.  Honk all you want, we're pulling over.
Yes, we do this. Honk all you want, we’re pulling over.
Pronghorns in New Mexico
Pronghorns in New Mexico
Woohoo!  Made it to Colorado!
Woohoo! Made it to Colorado!

After a quick stop to see Sam’s new place, we all walked over to the Boathouse Restaurant where we waited for Sam to finish work for the day.

Sam Jordan, River Ranger
Sam Jordan, River Ranger
And here we are.  I am never happier than when among these people.
And here we are. I am never happier than when among these people.

After dinner and lots of Colorado microbrews, we hung out at Sam’s house a while longer, and then finally all crashed after a long day of traveling (us), working (Sam), and playing (Ben and Kirsten).

Morning found us all at breakfast overlooking the Arkansas River.  Sam had to work again, so we got to see his workplace in the River Management Office (although his actual workspace is the 150 miles of the river, since he patrols the river every day).  Then we took a stroll through town, checking out gear stores and art galleries and a coffee shop or two.

At Sam's work
At Sam’s work

Next, because it’s Memorial Day weekend, there was Bluegrass in the Park for most of the day.  We laid out a couple of quilts, and talked, and drank, and read (I really and truly studied Evidence), and listened to music.  We had Ben and Kirsten’s two honeys with us, two black labs, River and Suzie.  Lying there in the sun, listening to my children’s voices, at the base of the mountain, in the quaint little town of Salida, Colorado, I just don’t remember being so happy.




After Sam got off work, he and Ben played in the river with their kayaks while we enjoyed a libation in the restaurant overlooking the play hole (their words, not mine).  Then it was off to a fabulous pizza place, where we all agreed to the phone game, so I have no pics of that meal.  (8 phones, ringers on, stacked face down on the table; first one who responds to a text or call pays the check.  No one lost.)

Tomorrow is another day in paradise.  No agenda yet, but does that even matter??

Thanks for reading!