Monday, May 4. Day 50

When we closed out the week last week, we had just had a massive storm blow through middle Tennessee. I posted a couple of photos of limbs down and patio furniture strewn about. Today was clean-up day, so my honey and I got to work. I’ve taken about an hour’s project of chainsawing and wood-gathering and condensed it into this little clip:



Tuesday, May 5. Day 51

Another day of gardening and yardwork. 8 acres is a lot to maintain, even when 6.5 of it is pasture! I’ve mentioned I’m getting the house ready to sell, so it gives me a reason to justify my gardening habit.

Last month, after the late April frost, these little pansies were clearanced at Kroger – they’d been bitten by the frost (I guess they leave their outside plants out in the weather?). When I bought them they were pretty sad-looking and at less than $1 per pot, looked like they were destined for the compost pile.


Sweet little pansy faces

But they’ve all made beautiful progress – I didn’t even know the colors (still don’t on the last holdout), but they’ve become the brightest splash of color in the front garden!


Wednesday, May 6. Day 52

The highlight of my week is forever the weekly family meeting. As I zoomed and watched them in their environment, daughter Glenda in her art studio, painting as we chatted, Aden the Grand playing video games with his brothers, Amy at work in her office, Sam screen-sharing some research he had done, Eliott and I in the same room on different devices, and Ben not able to join because of his important public-defending, my heart aches to see them all in person.


Thursday, May 7. Day 53

The house went on the market at 10am, and we had a showing at 1pm! It ended up being only a realtor, but it still felt good to have a little action on the house. And we have another scheduled for tomorrow.
I have loved this house – I often say if I could scoop up all 8 acres and take them to Oregon with me, I would. I hope the next owner will find all the joy and peace we have had here.


Friday, May 8. Day 54

What the hell, Tennessee.


I grew up in Georgia, and the saying there was Don’t Plant Til After Tax Day. In Tennessee, I’ve modified that to the 20th of April. Here’s what the ol reliable Farmer’s Almanac, said:


So I got to spend the early evening doing this:


Looks like a Scout Jamboree.



And here’s the thing: mid-30s is not just tonight – it’s for Saturday evening as well.

Here’s why I think I’m more than frustrated about it. In the midst of the StayHome effort, I’ve put so much into the yard and garden this year. It’s been delightful, and is a true pleasure, but it’s taken on more meaning this year. Any other year if we’d had a weird, late-season, crazy frost, it would just be a pain, and an ominous reminder of climate change. But this year it feels…more personal, I guess. Like, I can’t see my kids or friends, or do normal things, and I have to risk my pretty flowery and food things too? I know it’s an overreaction. Just the nature of what we’re going through.

Edit, post-Friday: Yes, it did indeed frost. Nashville recorded 33, but it’s always cooler out in the country, and there were frost on all the sheets just after sunrise this morning. Left everything on the ground to cover again Saturday night.


Saturday, May 9. Day 55

A clear, warm, sunny day. Hard to believe 2 nights of freezing temps bookended today. More mowing, planting, mulching, and generally soaking up the sun and spring. We relocated the hammock to the furthest part of the back yard Рa delicious little spot to  grab a moment to nap.



Sunday, May 10. Day 56

Mother’s Day.

Chatted with my mother, talked about what we would do if we were together. Brunch, shopping, sitting on the porch. *sigh*

Peonies, the Mother’s Day bloom, is just a couple of days behind, I’m sure because of the cool spring. We had a couple of showings today, so we’ll see where that goes.

Another week comes to an end. Still no plan. Governors, mayors, city councils, businesses, and families are having to make decisions about what their plans are in the absence of any federal action. We’ve chosen to continue to isolate, unless something changes with the house.