Anytime you read that I enjoyed the run more than the bike ride, you can assume it was weather-related.

Today was my first official “brick”:  triathlon lingo for any dual-sport training event; in triathlon it’s either swim/bike or bike/run, since that’s the order in which the competition is structured.  Today was a pretty simple 10 mile bike ride/3 mile run, which sounds manageable until you know that the temp was about 40, and the winds were 20mph.  Here’s how that affects cycling:  it’s cold.  It’s cold, the wind makes the bike squirrelly (Jesse’s spectacular near-wipeout was unrelated to the winds, however), my eyes are constantly tearing, which makes it near impossible to see, and it makes my nose run, so the ride was less than pleasant today.  By the time we ran, the wind had died down some, and since I run at about the speed of smell, it didn’t affect me so much.

It’s nice having the big event out of the way for the week…just a quick 10 mile bike ride and another strength training workout between now and Sunday. 

17 weeks to go…