One week down, 17 to go.  But as everyone who does sequential training knows, each week is higher mileage/longer sessions than the last.

Yesterday’s session was a quick 10 mile ride.  Those are fun…I just take off down the driveway on my bike with my heart monitor on, my bike computer set to distance, my buds in my ears.  I just start peddling until I reach the half-way mileage, then, wherever that may be, I turn around and head back, and a 10 mile ride takes about 30-35 minutes so it really is a quick dash.  I wanted to go further, but I know that in the weeks to come the mileage will just increase, so I’m trying to save and bottle up some of that enthusiasm for those days.

I also did a strength training session, always my favorite, at SportsCom, which completed my week of training.  Today is miserably cold, wet, and rainy (a typical Tennessee winter day), so I don’t intend on even leaving the house today.  Then the next week starts all over again tomorrow…

Thanks for reading…good wishes for your week to come.