Sitting here on the couch under an electric blanket catching up on email and blogging is about all I have the energy for right now.  Today was Brick Day (Bike/Run) and while it was a good one, I am whipped.  Seems like those are harder than the swim/bike bricks, which makes sense since running is my weakest of the 3 events.

The weather gods smiled on Murfreesboro today…a 53 degree day after all this cold.  I had company on the ride and the run.  The renters (aka my boys, aka Fez and Danny) joined us (Jesse too) as we headed out the driveway.  We turned into a headwind on hwy 96, so the boys (all 3) locked on to the G train to get to the Greenway.  It was a great workout for me and the traffic wasn’t too bad at 1:00.  We got on at the Thompson Lane trailhead and scooted through to General Bragg pretty quick.  We did the new section by the Medical Center which is SO pretty with the water feature – it’s only a mile or so, but I’m so proud of Murfreesboro for doing it.  We did the length of the Greenway (to Cannonsburgh), then rode through the square, down Lytle, Highland to Greenland, then left on 96 to home…which is the best part.  Remember the headwind???  So at the end of the loop, from Highland on, we have a rockin tailwind.  Going out we were managing 14-16mph; coming home we were hitting 25!  It was exhilarating!!  (BTW, that loop is 18 miles).

As soon as we got back to the house, it was change shoes, drop helmet and gloves, add iPod and off for a 4-mile run.  Jesse was the only brave soul to join me for that, and we turned into the headwind first.  It’s right at 2 miles from our house to Kroger, so we did our U-turn and enjoyed the little push we got on the way home.  Jesse’s calves locked up about a mile from the house, and we’re pretty sore tonight, but we got it done.

Treasure of the Day:  one old GM ignition key.  What is its story?  I’ve run this route several times and haven’t seen it on the shoulder.

Favorite from iPod Random (new blog feature):  CCR – Willie and the Poor Boys.

Thanks for reading…