With today’s 12 mile, 45 minute ride on the bike, I have finished training for this triathlon.

I took a short, 3 mile jog on Sunday, I went for a short, 1200 yard swim yesterday, and pedalled the short bike ride today.  At the conclusion of each of these, I’ve let myself absorb the magnitude of ths series of training.  I have been in official training since January, unofficially returning to a swim/bike/run regimen since October.  I haven’t done the calcuations of the miles logged doing all of this; that might be an interesting statistic. 

My reflections on that include knowing that this has been the most successful training I have ever done, for any race.  By successful, I mean that I have been more injury-free, more consistent with workouts, less encumbered by modifications to the training plan.  It has also been maybe the most enjoyable (with the caveat that most runner/swimmers/cyclists have about the love/hate nature of training).  The weather was not too cooperative – in reviewing the blog, I find that I was able to cycle without a headwind approximately…twice.  Most of the training took place in the winter/spring, so there was lots of Being Cold involved. 

Logistically, now, the plan is:  Leave tomorrow for my brother’s home in Atlanta, spend Wednesday with him, travel to Panama City Beach Thursday, attend the Expo/group swim/pasta meal Friday (no, I’m not wavering from my high protein/low carb lifestyle), 6am start Saturday.  Did I mention my whole family plus some are coming??  I think I’m driving our motor home with 2 daughters and 2 friends, my sons and husband are coming together at some point, and my brother as well….nothing like an audience.

I am so grateful for the support of friends and family throughout this whole adventure.  Thank you for your kind words, your confidence in me, your encouragement.  It means more than I could possibly begin to say.  It sustains me when I’m struggling, and I see your smiling faces in my mind.

waking up to this trisuit every morning for the last two weeks
waking up to this trisuit every morning for the last two weeks

I will try to blog again after getting settled Thursday or Friday, but no promises.  I am committed to blogging Saturday night (pre-tequila) and posting any pics.

Until Saturday…

Thanks for reading.