This blog is being temporarily hijacked to follow Gayle and Jesse as they follow the Potomac, Monongahela, and the Alleghany Rivers.

Nashville airport at 5:00am

This day began at 3:00 am when we woke to the alarm for our 5:30am flight.  The bikes were packed into their snug cardboard nests for the trip, and we carried by hand the 4 saddlebags, and even wore our biking clothes.  The flight was uneventful to Cincinnati, but that’s where it got ummmmm, interesting?  For whatever reason, the second engine would not start (not good) as our plane from Cincy to Pittsburgh began to leave the gate, so back we went, where we snoozed(Jesse)/read(Gayle/people-watched(both) for a couple of hours.  Reboarded, then 45 minutes later, Pittsburgh.  We reassembled the bikes in the airport baggage claim, strapped on our helmets and took off.

about to hit the trail

The access for the trail was surprisingly close to the terminal, and Jesse had memorized the directions to get there, so within about 2 miles we were sailing along a nice, flat, fine-graveled surface.  The temp was perfect and there were lots of walkers, runners, bikers, and even some roller-bladers on the path.

Rails-to-Trails is a worthy investment if you are looking for one

We had a great time, put in 40 miles, but because of the 2-hour delay, we arrived at our first night’s destination after dark, cold, hungry, and tired.  We were picked up at the trailhead by our Bed-and-Breakfast host, got settle into to our revolutionary-war era log cabin, ordered food from the local pizza place, took scalding hot showers, and are just about to crash.

I can’t make an assessment for the whole week yet, but if today is any indication, this trip should go on your Must-Do List.  I reserve the right to alter that endorsement, if I spend much time in cold, wet biking gear.

Sorry about the pics – check back on tomorrow’s entry to see if I’ve had any success, or just piece together the blog and FB pics!!

Thank for reading!