Wow – another fabulous day on the bikes.

We were much more interested in the story of the B and B after a huge meal, a hot shower, and a good night’s sleep.  It really was as charming as it could be, and the breakfast that Betty fixed…OMG.

food porn

We were on the bikes by around 9:30.  The Montour trail is a Rails-To-Trails project and some sections are incomplete, so occasionally you have to leave the trail, get on the main road and then find the trail again.  Sound easy?  Sometimes, and sometimes not.  They have great signage at the trailheads, not so much when you leave the trail.  We spent a while today wandering (read: dodging cars, backtracking, cursing (me, not Jesse), looking at the map, dodging trucks, more cursing) and seeking trailhead signs.  We went through an industrial section too.

we look happier than we felt at that moment as we were lost in the city at this point

When the Montour ended, we picked up the Great Allegheny Passage, which runs for about 150-ish miles, and it runs right along the Youghiogheny River.  It was really pretty today, even as the day became more overcast.  We made much better time today, and rolled into town around 5:30.

Trail scenery

Immediately after checking in, we hopped back on the bikes, rode to a nearby restaurant, ate (again), and now we’re skyping the kids, checking emails, watching the weather (gonna RAIN tomorrow).  Day 3 is a shorter mileage day, but we do have the weather to deal with. 

We miss everyone at home, and we’re still on schedule to come home Monday.  We’re attempting to put more technical details about the trip on another blog:  more info to come on site and address.

Thanks for reading!