My new BaixBaix:

first trip out on the new bike
my new girl

Just a quick 20-miler on the Greenway to see how she feels…and the answer is:  delicious.  Even fresh out of the box, with no computer, no aerobars, no other toys, bells, or whistles, she just sang.  She’s so smooth and she shifts like a dream (of course, my last bike experience was 350 miles on a trail bike on gravel).  It’s a little bit like driving the Corvette – you know how a sportscar just wants to giddyup?  That’s what she feels like.

I haven’t yet spoken with my LeMond – we’ll have to re-negotiate the terms of our relationship, but, like all relationships, this one has evolved over time, and to stay viable must transition according to the needs of both parties.  It will involve compromises, patience, and understanding, but if we each stay focused on the goal of mutual satisfaction, with respect, admiration, and gratitude we can arrive at a new, successful definition of bike and rider.

I know, I need a red and black helmet!

Anyway, she is a fabulous new ride and I couldn’t be happier with her.  Lots of miles between now and March 6, and I’m looking forward to every one!

Now if only new running shoes would make the same difference in the run…

Thanks for reading!