This is me staying in good spirits over running and biking in the cold and rain for the last month, and next 3 months to come.

from the farm - wanna speculate if it's mud or....not mud??

In spite of the slippin and slidin it was a good run – dogs were cavorting, iPod battery died so I just listened to Uga’s snorting and my sneaks squishsquashing. 

Had a great strength training session and 1000 yard swim on Monday.  My training schedule has suffered at the hand of my travel schedule, but it feels good to be back in the groove.  On the Ironman New Zealand website, there is a live-time countdown (to the second) that just won’t stop…helps the athletes plan the freakouts.

So no iPod, no favorite, but it was a great day to run in the cold mud!

Thanks for reading!