Today’s brick was all outside – bike, run, breathe, soak up the rays for a change…

First time on the new bike with the computer (set to kilometres – notice the continental spelling) and the aerobars – the only things that might possibly have made this bicycle EVEN better!  I’m in love with this bike – it is so slick, so smooth, so light, so fast – the Baixbaix rocks.

Started out at the Cannonsburgh Trailhead with Jesse for a little ride in the mud – the last few days’ rain, while good for filling ponds, was hell on the Greenway.  The trail follows right a long the river, so anytime the banks swell at all, all the mud and muck washes over the path, then recedes, then we play slip-slidey through the puddles.  But it didn’t matter, cuz it was bright and sunny outside – even needed the sunglasses.  Because of the mud, we ended up doing a criterium at the Battlefield 6 0r 7 times around, then through the new section by the hospital. After that, we made an attempt at the new section under Old Fort Parkway, where we went about one mile before encountering a puddle I just didn’t want to take the new girl through – she’ll get trashed soon enough, and I just didn’t want all that muck in my chain.  Jesse tried to take a picture of me in the new ski-goggle attire, but we know the camera took a dive on the last ski trip, so, alas, no picture of me when he tried to take it with the malfunctioning equipment.

The ride was a bit slow because of the mud, but we got in about 30, then Jesse bailed and I transitioned to running  (Jesse said he would go eat chips and salsa and think of me while I did it).  The jog was a bit slow too – the new sneaks are FABULOUS too, so I’m just in pig heaven with all my new toys.  I headed out from Cannonsburgh again, toward General Bragg, did a turnaround and finished just short of 6 miles in an hour. 

What a great brick – sunshine, new bike, new shoes, and 81 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes, and 48 seconds to the race.  (Not that I’m obsessing over that little count-down thingy on the website to  see for yourself).  As always, everyday, life is so very very good.

Random shuffle (well, not exactly; I chose the new Rat Pack Christmas CD I just downloaded)  I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, Dean Martin.

Thanks for reading!