When I miss several days of blogging, it’s always so important for me to say that even though the accounting has been shabby, the training continues.

I am out with my family (two-thirds of us) at my oldest son’s home in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  We’re combining skiing, Christmas, family time all in one extended month-long visit.  I think that is the long-term scenario when you have a family the size of ours that is as active as ours:  implement a start date and finish date and take what time you can get from each member of the family!  Oldest son Ben is here, of course, daughter Amy from California is here til she must go back to school on Jan 15, daughter Glenda in Europe will come in as flights allow after the New Year, son Sam in New Zealand will try to come around Jan 10.  Hopefully, we’ll have several days when the whole posse is together.  Epic.

In the meantime, even though I enjoy skiing, I’ve made arrangements at the local gym for a temporary membership, and yesterday had a great strength training session/swim workout.  I’d been dormant since the trip out here, so it felt good to get in the pool.  I have the option today of running outside (new snowfall last night, snowing now) or going to the gym and getting on the treadmill (which I despise only slightly less than the stationary bike).  Details to come.

I plan to go home next week for a few days to check on the business, write the payroll, check on the house/dogs/cows, and do some riding, since that’s the one thing I won’t get done out here.  72 days remain between now and raceday.  I think shivers just literally ran right up my spine.

No workout-related pics, but I did get a replacement camera, so I’ll add these just for fun:

New camera! Minneapolis airport on the way out
my girl Amy
construction of the Diet Mt Dew Christmas tree
Amy's new Vibe (Vixie) in her first snowstorm!

Fave random from strength training:  It Ain’t Me Babe, Bob Dylan

Thanks for reading.