Can I please get credit for doing this bigass brick while my family’s susshing down the slopes?  After taking them to the skiier drop-off point, off I go to the gym for my swim/run brick.  I know that’s not the sequence – but remember that   1) I’m all about the flexibility and 2) I hate the stationary bike more than almost anything in the multiverse.

The swim was boring and uneventful, but I swam about 2000 yards (just over an hour), then into the locker room for a quick change (neglected to  bring the trisuit), and upstairs to the treadmill.  I had the iPod, but this treadmill had a television and I lucked up on catching last year’s Stephen Colbert Christmas special, so that kept me entertained for an hour.  Then I transitioned to iPod to finish the workout.  Why the pool faces the mountains, but not the treadmills is kind of a mystery, but whatever.

me SUCKING WIND cuz someone took all the delicious oxygen

I had NO incline on the mill, but had it set at my usual 5.5mph to begin with, but that went by the wayside as soon as I got winded and had to back it down to 5.2.  I got my 8 miles in about 90 minutes and was awfully glad to get off that bad boy and into the shower.  By then it was time to get to the grocery store (on Christmas Eve in a resort town – I had to wait for a shopping cart) to get lasagna stuff for the household.

Yesterday I did end up running outside – that was an adventure.  My son lives in a condo on a golf course, so I hiked to the top, then found a road that was relatively quiet and cleared, and off I went.  Oxygen problems there too, but I got through it.

Ben's condo complex - it's 12 degrees here

Anyway, good brick today.  Can I say that it’s nice to work out in a gym where NO ONE knows who you are?  I got through my workouts completely unmolested except for the creeper who walked in front of my treadmill, oh, maybe 25 times?  I love the social interaction I get in Murfreesboro, but sometimes it comes at the expense of the time I’ve set aside for the workouts.  My fault, I know.

Going home next week for a few days to check on the dogs/mail/business/house/cows/mother-in-law.  (Maybe that’s a little out of sequence) (Maybe not).  I’ll stick my head into the MAC on Tuesday or Wednesday to see that everyone is working off the holiday fudge and boiled custard.

Fave iPod song today:  something by Transiberian Orchestra (can’t remember the name, the iPod is across the room, and I am THAT lazy).  I admit I cheated on that – I chose the two albums I have by them to feel all Christmas-y.

Thanks for reading!