Alright, a few delightful days in Tennessee to check on the house, the dogs, the mail, train a bit, enjoy friends a bit, play a bit; now back to beautiful cold Colorado with one more of the offspring in the mix.

Daughter Glenda arrived from Paris on New Year’s Day at the Atlanta airport for a quick night with my parents, my brother, Jesse, and me, then on to Beaver Creek for a sweet reunion with her twin and big brother.  Sam is still supposed to join us from New Zealand, but standby flights are weak, so we wait.

Yesterday’s training (remember the oxygen issue!) was a strength session (strong) and pool session (fair).  Take a look at the view from the gym windows:

Tomorrow is January 6.  My race is March 6.  Whatever your interest is, whatever you strive for, whatever deadlines you are pressured to meet, you know the feeling of pressure that begins to increase as time marches its inevitable course.  It was far off in the distance when I made the commitment to it, and now, tick, tick, tick, it looms ever so much closer to the present.  I will try to limit my freak-out posts, but part of the point of this blog is to document all these emotions and feelings in addition to the mechanics of what the workouts entail.  Excited.  Apprehensive. Determined.  That’s where we are now.

On a different note, I visited my friend Ted’s blog ( and was delighted to read about his adventures and opinions; I was also inspired to throw in a few posts that are not limited to training and travel (or food porn, my third most-used category).  My life is consumed by those things, and while after March 6 I’ll still be travelling, the training will change focus a bit, and I want to keep up the blog.  I’m working on a post about Rules, and I’ve got a couple of book reviews I want to add.  Stay tuned for those.

Life, as always, is spectacularly complex and beautiful.  I’m profoundly grateful to be marinating in the presence of the kids for these precious days.  Even at their ages (20-somethings), I can’t get enough of simply staring at them; I’m amazed by who they’ve become, astounded at their growth, humbled by their intelligence and compassion.  That may be magnified and compounded by their distance from me,  the time between visits, or the intensity of having them together; it matters not, I’m still in what we in the south call Hog Heaven.

three of four

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