I know the posting has been weak – still in Colorado with the fam. 

Swam and strength trained yesterday while Glenda played with Aden in the pool.

Avon, CO Rec Center

Strength training was, well, strong, swim was weak – still having oxygen issues up here at 7000 feet.  That’s compounded in the pool where my breathing pattern is highly defined, so to speak.  So I worked on form, sprints, etc, before joining Glenda in the delicious whirlpool for a few minutes.

Today was a ski day, and a delightful one at that.  Temperatures have finally risen above the 10-degree mark, so the sunshine was great.  We had our five-year-old entertainment saying that he shredded the gnar on the halfpipe…why have children if not to make them say funny things?

Aden pulling Ben down the mountain

OK, fam’s rushing me to go get pizza…more to come when I get back…

So, back from pizza – doesn’t sound much like a training diet, does it?!  It’s not.  Neither is all the beer and wine I’ve had, or the cranberry cake, fudge, pork roast, sweet potatoes, brownies, and “slope cookies” I’ve had since I’ve been here.  Oh yes, at Beaver Creek, at 3:00 daily, warm, fresh chocolate-chip cookies get brought out to the skiers:

3:00 at the Beav

Life returns to “normal” next week and I’ll be back on the high-protein/low sugar Ironman nutrition plan, along with resuming the bicycling along with the running and swimming.

Life is so very good, and this trip has been spectacular.  We start dispersing tomorrow, and I’m trying not to think about it.  Son Sam was not able to make it in, because of his training/schedule/work in New Zealand, but we’ll see him next month when we go for his HUGE race a couple of weeks before mine.  Daughters head back to Paris and California for school in  a couple of days, but what a trip it has been.

No music on the slopes – too much fun laughing and carrying on with the kids.  We do the Kennedy thing for our last run, minus the football, but you can hear us for miles.  I am so lucky to get to spend time with these people.  Right now we are all rolling on the floor crying looking at the Cakewrecks website.  Google it.

Thanks for reading!